FLEXIWAYS migrates to EPDM and SOLIDWORKS PRO 2012! To answer the constant requirement of improvement of its services, FLEXIWAYS have just acquired the new version of the software leader in 3D mechanical CAD.
FLEXCELL ®, or how to treat 6 packagings of injectables on 2,5m2! Automatic unloading of any types of tubs with nests 100/160 for syringes from 0,5ml to 3ml, or of boxes with combs and covers for the same syringes. The system adapts its flowrate to the downstream machine. Format change in 2 minutes with tool changers!!  
TWIN PL-55, Controled light for illumination of studios, théatre, events. Well-manicured solid building allowing clamping in modules. Easy and flexible wiring.